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Dôme Pallieter

Bretagne, France

2019 - 2021

Camping Pallieter is located in the countryside in Brittany (Bretagne), where guests can enjoy the tranquility and beautiful landscape with spacious camping places.

Energie positief
Natuur inclusief
Natuurlijke materialen

This campsite emerged from an old farm with farmland 30 years ago. The desire of the campsite owners is to create a sustainable and unique place that is in harmony with the environment.

  • Project nameEnergy Positive Dôme Pallieter
  • LocationBretagne, Frankrijk
  • Year2019 – 2021
  • StatusEnvironmental permit has been issued
  • FunctionHome
  • Surface200m2
  • ClientCamping Pallieter
  • ArchitectExMaterials
  • Constructorbureau de étude

Attention to materials

We have used natural, honest, and pure materials for this sustainable home.

Energy positive home, with respect for the environment

The dome-shaped volume ensures a very efficient heat distribution, with only one central stove to heat the entire home.

On the south side of the dome, energy is extracted by both solar collectors and solar panels. The excess energy is passed on to the campsite to provide the sanitary facilities with green electricity.

The construction consists of huge wooden trusses, which are supported on the natural stone outer wall. For the roof finish, a chestnut wooden slate was chosen, which refers to the roofs of the old mills in the area.

Inspired or curious?

Does this project appeal to you or have you gained inspiration for your own sustainable architecture project? We cordially invite you to come by to discuss your project with us. Feel free to contact us.