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Our worry-free approach: you talk, we listen

In our opinion, the design process should be interesting, inspiring, and – above all – insightful. This is what was strive for. We achieve this through a personal approach, sincere involvement, and the application of the latest techniques.

Personal involvement and undivided attention from the very start

Your wishes and desires are at the core of the design process. We try to map and meet these from the very first conversation we have and keep these in mind throughout the whole process. We listen, you talk. We ask questions and show initiative to create a clear overview of what you want. Additionally, we take the technical and financial aspects into account. To us, the most important thing is to work towards a design that makes you feel comfortable and where natural materials, sustainability, and health are central.

From sketch to realisation

We support you throughout the entire process – from the first sketch draft to the final delivering of the building. For us, details and interior are just as important as the architecture and the environment of the building. We design with cohesion between those different scale levels, to ensure the overall image of the building forms a balanced whole.

Seeing is believing

It can be challenging to visualise how a designed building will look in real life. We try to make this as transparant as possible by using architectural drawings, models, and visualisations.

We take this to the next level by applying the latest 3D techniques. We go one step further by using the latest 3D techniques. These techniques make it possible to experience how impressive sustainable architecture can be, even before the building is completed. This unique experience ensures a collaboration with more mutual involvement. This makes it possible to make sound choices in earlier stages of the process.

Inspired or curious? Contact us!

Does our approach appeal to you or have you gained inspiration for your own sustainable architecture project? We would love to welcome you in our office to brainstorm about the idea and discuss the options. Please feel free to contact us.