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Villa Eekhof

Biest-Houtakker, Netherlands

2020 - 2021

A beautiful, sustainable home will soon be built on the edge of a village, with a view over the vast nature of Brabant.

Energie positief
Regenwater opvang
CO2 opvang

The client’s wish was to be able to enjoy the beautiful view from his home as much as possible. With a building plot located on the edge of the village, a concept has been developed in which the village side matches the village character and the south-west facade embraces nature through its shape and transparent fronts. The PV panels ensure that this house does not consume more energy than it can generate. The villa is energy positive with a negative EPC score.

  • Project nameVilla Eekhof
  • LocationBiest-Houtakker
  • Year2020 – 2021
  • Statusenvironmental permit obtained
  • FunctionWoning
  • Surface150m2
  • ClientGeert van Coenen
  • ArchitectExMaterials
  • ConstructorVan der Leegte Bouwadvies

Pure, natural materials

We have used natural, honest and pure materials for this sustainable natural home. The main wooden supporting structure is completely removable and built on site with wood fiber as insulation material. In addition to sufficient insulating properties, this ensures an optimally healthy ‘breathing’ indoor climate.

Impressive energy positive home

Villa Eekhof has an energy performance coefficient (EPC) of below 0. This means that the house generates more energy than it consumes! Villa Eekhof is energy positive due to integrated PV panels in the roof and the application of the passive building principle.

Using a very accurate solar simulation, the design is completely tuned to the position of the sun. In addition to the resident’s wish to be able to sit in the sun in the evening, the pergola plays a crucial role in making the home energy-positive.

In summer, the sun is higher and the heat is blocked by the pergola, as it is full of leaves. In winter, the sun is lower on the horizon and useful heat can enter the house through the glass fronts directly below the pergola.

Inspired or curious?

Does this project appeal to you or have you gained inspiration for your own sustainable architecture project? We cordially invite you to come by to discuss it with us! Please feel free to contact us.