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Farm / Food forest

Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands


Design principles

ExMaterials will design a sustainable farm for the Juniper Foundation, in which both circular construction methods and renewable raw materials are optimally used.

  • ProjectMauritshoeve Food Forest
  • LocationKaatsheuvel, the Netherlands
  • StatusPreliminary Design
  • Surface28 hectare
  • ClientJuniper Foundation
  • ArchitectExMaterials

Mauritshoeve Food Forest

The farm and all other homes and commercial spaces on the site are built, renovated, renovated and/or furnished according to the most recent insights into nature, including building. The farm offers space for an information center about food forests, wood production forests, a sustainable food chain and sustainable and environmentally friendly construction and living. There will be a lunchroom where, among other things, products from the food forest and the vegetable garden will be presented. People with a physical or mental disability can participate in the work here. They can also help (therapeutically) with the care of the donkeys (stable and meadow on the site).

The outdated cow sheds are not demolished but harvested: All usable materials are reused in the new farm.

5 core values

  • Sustainable food production
  • Food education & cooking workshops
  • Participation for people with a physical or mental disability
  • Information center about food forests and environmentally friendly building and living
  • Stimulates and collaborates with the local community

renewable materials

In addition to the recycled materials from the existing cow sheds, renewable raw materials will be used: natural raw materials that can be recovered in a short time.

Wood, harvested from sustainably managed forests, is added to the recycled steel as a secondary construction and for the floors, so that the building can store CO2. Insulation in the roof is made from the flax plant and hemp lime walls with a clay plaster finish ensure a healthy moisture-regulating indoor climate.