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The beauty of sustainability

ExMaterials is a sustainable architectural company for people with unique desires. Through impressive architecture, we show that aesthetics and sustainability can go well together. We build for the future and focus on natural materials, sustainability, and health.

Holiday home Woodview

In the forests of Halle, there is a beautiful plot, located in an oase of peace and tranquility.

Dôme Pallieter

Camping Pallieter is located in a valley in Brittany, where tranquility and of course are important themes. This energy-positive home also functions as an energy-generating point for the campsite.

Villa Eekhof

The beautiful Villa Eekhof plot is located on the edge of a village, in expansive nature.

Extension Amsterdam

This luxury extension was the perfect way for this customer to live in a larger house, without having to move.

blad op witte achtergrond

Sustainable architecture for individuals and companies

We seek for a balance between ecological and economic interests by using an interactive and personal process.

Using the latest design techniques, traditional construction drawings, models and visualisations are supplemented with modern Virtual Reality experiences, so that the design can be experienced lifelike in 3D!