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Sustainable architecture with notable attention to bio-based materials

We are ExMaterials. We build for the future by adopting a progressive way of architecture, in which we focus on natural materials, sustainability, and health.

Building have a long life spam so we think it is important to build sustainably. We build for the future with a lot of attention for the user, which enables us to perfectly translate the wishes and demands of a client into a sustainable design. By applying natural materials, we create healthy, environmentally friendly, and above all impressive architecture.

Natural resources

From all our projects, we know exactly what materials have been used and in what amounts. Hence, we know exactly how much CO2 the building stores by using wood as well as how to reuse the elements. We ensure that as many elements as possible can be dismantled, so that a building is a ‘loose item’ instead of a ‘fixed asset’. In doing so, we create a lot of flexibility in terms of maintenance or possible future reuse. Additionally, the elements keep their value, so the building will no longer have to be depreciated to a 0% level.


We are passionate about bio-based materials and the positive impact of building in a healthy way on the people and the environment. The nature inspires us to design buildings, in which natural elements, sun, light, and air make an essential contribution to the energetic concept. By applying circular building principles, the buildings we design are ready for a sustainable future.


As we spend more and more time indoors, it becomes increasingly important to have a proper indoor climate, for health reasons. Besides having sufficient natural light in every room, the application of natural resources with moisture regulating properties can generate an indoor climate that is both energy efficient and healthy.

360* visualisations and application of Virtual Reality

We specialise in realistic visualisations and Virtual Reality solutions. Besides traditional 2D techniques such as architectural drawings, models, and visualisations, we use the latest 3D techniques to make it possible to experience the building lifelike, even before it is built.

In addition to this being a unique experience, it contributes to a collaboration with an increased mutual involvement. This makes it possible to make sound choices in earlier stages of the process. The outcome? And end result that perfectly matches your wishes and needs.

The face behind ExMaterials

Jochem Alferink MSc (1987) graduated in 2016 as an architect from Eindhoven University of Technology and Beijing University of Technology.
He worked at Rijnboutt Architects, RAU Architects & Studio Prototype. Now he is the hub in the web at ExMaterials, where several talented architects work together on innovative projects. He also teaches at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Inspired or curious? Contact us!

Does our company appeal to you or have you gained inspiration for your own sustainable architecture project? We would love to welcome you in our office to brainstorm about the idea and discuss the options. Please feel free to contact us.