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Questions or requests?

It’s not easy to visualise your sustainable project. We would love to think along and draft some sketches. Come by at our office to discuss your project with us.
Leave a message and we get back to you as soon as possible.

ExMaterials Architectuur | Utrecht, the Nederlands

+31 (0)30 785 57 33

Haverstraat 23
3511 NA Utrecht


ExMaterials Architectuur | Milan, Italy

+39 389 494 3117

Via Medeghino 34
20141 Milaan

The beauty of sustainability

We are ExMaterials. We are passionate about architecture, biobased materials, and the positive impact of a healthy way of building on the people and the environment. We build for the future by applying a progressive way of architecture, in which we focus on natural materials, sustainability, and health. This is how we prove and emphasise the beauty of sustainability.

Get in touch

Let’s discuss how we can design sustainable architecture that meets your wishes and desires. Let us know in advance when you would like to come by and then we’ll start on your project.

Haverstraat 23
3511NA Utrecht, the Netherlands


Via Medeghino 34
20141 Milaan, Italy